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How to choose the right battery for your electric bike?

How to choose the right battery for your electric bike?

The battery can be said to be the most important part of an electric bicycle. As a new or versatile electric bicycle user, we believe you know the importance of electric bicycle batteries. However, most electric bicycle users will ask a popular question. How to choose the right battery for electric bicycles? How do you know which one is the best among all available battery types? What type of battery do I buy for my electric bike?

1 - Make sure it has the highest energy capacity. 500 Wh capacity is too small. 1,000 Wh is good. Capacity is not measured in mAh. Always require Wh capacity instead of mAh capacity. Because capacity depends on voltage, if you don't know the (midpoint) voltage, mAh is meaningless. Wh = mAh/1000 * midpoint voltage.

2 - The voltage should be as high as possible. Do not buy 36V or 24V. It should be at least 48V. Newer ones are 60V or 55V. The higher the better. There are two voltages. The midpoint voltage (the battery is half full) is real, and the maximum voltage (100% full) is false, used to deceive.

3 - Make sure it is as light as possible. Ideally, without packaging, about 4 kg per 1,000 Wh. So look at how much extra weight this bag has and try to minimize it.

4 - It is better to have a meter (not the id**ts light) on the battery pack to display the voltage on demand.

5 - Ensure that the packaging has never been abused. Abuse means that the voltage has never been lower than 2.5V x the number of batteries in series during its life cycle.

6 - Ensure that the contacts are clean and durable and the packaging is waterproof.

7- Make sure you can charge it without taking it out of the bicycle.

8 - Ensure that the charger can provide enough power to charge the battery pack to 90% within 1 or 2 hours.

9 - Make sure that the battery pack and BMS have enough capacity (in amperes) to run the motor at 30% higher than the rated value of the motor.