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Why choose electric bikes?

Why choose electric bikes?

Cycling has become the first choice for exercise. Both traditional bicycles and electric bicycles provide you with a way to exercise your muscles outdoors while maintaining social distancing. The increase in cycling frequency will also have a positive impact on the environment, traffic congestion and personal health.

Why riding a bicycle during social distancing is a good way to exercise. In this section, we will show you why you should buy an electric bike. These innovative bicycles provide many benefits that can be enjoyed.

Reduce commuting time
- They are not limited to road trips, you can choose shorter routes

- The elderly or people with poor health especially cannot ride regular bicycles and can benefit from electric bicycles.

Environmental benefits
- They can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, as electric bicycles emit approximately 21-22 grams of carbon dioxide per kilogram of driving, while cars cause approximately 271 grams of carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer.

Economic benefits
- Although electric bicycles are not suitable for everyone, the upfront cost of a car is much higher, with an average cost of 9,000 US dollars or more per person per year, while electric bicycles cost about 200 US dollars per year.

- There are a lot of people who just prefer electric bicycles to other bicycles, especially because it is easier to get to some places by electric bicycles.