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Booant 2880WH 72v 40ah Lithium Battery Pack For 3500W Motor

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This Booant battery pack is designed for 3500W motors and offers 72V with a 40Ah capacity and LED display.

Enjoy powerful and reliable performance without worrying about short battery life.

All lithium cells are integrated into one module for easy installation.

Battery Model: 72V 40Ah

Nominal Voltage: 72V

Nominal Capacity: 40Ah

Cell Specification : Lithium 21700 5000mAh  3.7V Cell

Cell Brand:  SAMSUNG

Cell OverCharge Protection Voltage: 4.2V/Cell

Cell Overdischarge Protection Voltage: 2.8V/cell

Cell Combination: 20 Series 8 Paralles

Cell Quantity (parallel x series): 160 pcs


BMS Brand:  JIKONG ( JK )

BMS Discharge Current: 50A(Can be customized)

  • 50A BMS Suitable Motor: Less than 72V 3500W(MAX) Motor
  • 30A BMS Suitable Motor: Less than 72V 2000W(MAX) Motor
  • 40A BMS Suitable Motor: Less than 72V 2800W(MAX) Motor
  • 60A BMS Suitable Motor: Less than 72V 4300W(MAX) Motor

Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V): 56V+/-0.5V

Charge Cutoff Voltage (V): 84V+/-0.5V

Rated Discharge Current (A): 40A

Maximum peak discharge current (A): 100A

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A): 50A

Charger mode: CC/CV

Standard Charge Current (A): 5A

Max Fast Charge Current (A): 20A

Charge Time under 10A Fast Charge Current: approx 4--5 hours

Battery Weight( With Iron Case ): about 12.5 kg

Cycle life: ≥80% capacity after 1000 cycles.

Discharge Temperature: -20 to 45°C

Charge Temperature: 0 to 45°C


1. Battery Pack *1         

2. 84V 10A Charger *1       

3. AC Power Cable *1

4. Discharge Extension Cable *1 

5. Battery Fireproof Bag * 1




Don't hit, pierce, strike, trample or throw the battery.

Don't put the battery in the water, keep the battery cool and dry condition .

Don't put the battery near a heat source such as fire or heater.

Use the specified charger that come with the battery.

Don't reverse the position and negative pole.

Don't connect the positive and negative terminals with metal objects which would cause short circuit

Don't transport or store the battery with metal objects together , such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.

Everything you need to know about batteries are chargers from other manufacturers safe to use?

Booant chargers are adapted specifically to the Booant batteries Using a different charger may reduce the service life of the batteries or cause other damage or malfunctions in the eBike system.

Can Booant batteries be opened to replace individual cells?

Booant eBike batteries must never be opened – not even if they are being repaired by third parties. Opening the battery always means interfering with the condition approved by Booant and entails safety-related risks. once opened, may catch fire during assembly due to crushed or incorrectly routed cables, detached components or poor quality electrical connections.

After opening, the seal of the housing can no longer be guaranteed, so that the ingress of water or dust can lead to damage to the monitoring electronics (Battery Management System) or to the cells. 

For battery packs, we offer up to 12 months free warranty.

For Chargers, we provide up to 6 months free warranty.

If there is any problem with the battery under normal use, please contact us and we will have professionals to solve your problem.

If you need one kind of battery which can’t find in our store, we also accept customization service for you, and supports OEM service.

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