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The Booant BT300 is one of the most powerful portable power stations. With a 384Wh capacity, it can supply 300W of power (450W peak power) using multiple output ports. Thus, it meets the power supply needs of most higher-power electrical appliances.
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BT300 Portable Power

BOOANT portable power station BT300 is designed for outdoor activities' power supply. Small size with big capacity (300Wh), the most portable all-in-one power station can fulfill your demand for camping or emergency.

-The handle can be stretched freely and feels comfortable.
- Suitable for charging a variety of different AC devices.
- Intelligent temperature control cooling system, which dissipates heat according to temperature changes.
- Each function has independent chip control.

Using high quality LiFePo4 cells, more than 2000+ cycle life, longer life.the capacity remains the same and the volume is smaller.

Small size, large capacity, easy to lift with one hand, long-term extraction without fatigue, more convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

outdoor lighting: Solve the problem of no lighting outdoors at night, and still be able to enjoy the joy of partying at night.

384Wh large capacity, 300W high power, durable battery life, fully solve the outdoor power consumption.

Outdoor office, easy to solve shortcomings.

- 1.Car refrigerator (40W), usable time is about 10 hours.
- 2.Outdoor audio (30W), usable time is about 13 hours.
- 3.Digital camera (20W), available time about 20 times.
- 4.Outdoor light (10W), usable time is about 38 hours.
- 5.iphone 12 (2815mAh), about 43 usable times.
- 6.Electric heater (200W), usable time is about 2 hours.
- 7.Rice cooker (180W), the usable time is about 3 times.
- 8.Printer (100W), about 4 hours of usable time.
- 9.Laptop (65W), about 6 hours of usable time.
- 10.LCD TV (60W), usable time is about 8 hours.

- 1. PD Connector
- 2. Battery level indicator
- 3. Charging Connector
- 4. USB Connector * 2
- 5. DC Switch
- 6. Working status indicator
- 7. AC Connector
- 8. Car Charger Connector

220V fast charging, it only takes about 5.3 hours to fully charge, and it will never power off.

Both direct current and alternating current can be charged to meet the simultaneous use of multiple devices.
- USB output * 2 (5V/2A)
- PD 24W output (5V/9V/12V)
- AC 220V output (300W)