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BOOANT Samsung 18650 48V eBike Battery 18Ah Triangle Battery 48 Volt 18AH For 2000W Motor With 5A Charger

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  Battery Model: 48V 18Ah

  • Nominal Voltage: 48V        
  • Nominal Capacity: 18.2Ah
  • Cell Specification : Samsung 18650 2600mAh 3C 3.7V Cell            


  • Cell Combination: 13 Series 7 Paralles
  • Cell Quantity (parallel x series): 91 pcs
  • BMS: 50A (can be customized)
  • 50A BMS Suitable Motor: Less than 48V 2000W(MAX) Motor                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Rated Discharge Current (A): 50A
  • Maximum peak discharge current (A): 150A 
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A): 55A


  • Dimensions:  240*180*230*50*60*70mm(+/-5mm)
  • Battery Weight: about 4.5kg


  • Lithium Battery Pack With PVC

  • Built-in BMS

  • 54.6V 5A Fast Charger

  • Power Cable ( EU/US/AUS/BS )


  • We provide different discharge plugs to choose from, please let us know when you give us an order.



  • We will configure the AC power cord according to your country.





  • Don't hit, pierce, strike, trample or throw the battery.

  • Don't put the battery in the water, keep the battery cool and dry condition .

  • Don't put the battery near a heat source such as fire or heater.

  • Use the specified charger that come with the battery

  • Don't reverse the position and negative pole.

  • Don't connect the positive and negative terminals with metal objects which would cause short circuit

  • Don't transport or store the battery with metal objects together , such as hairpins, necklaces, etc.



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