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As a global leader in the power solution industry, Booant had created and developed a full range of security solutions for customers, which including PVC-battery packs, and lithium batteries. No matter what your applications are, we can manufacture and custom them with our extensive experience.

Application Category

We manufacture a variety of custom-made battery packs and power supplies made to customer specifications.

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Low Speed Electric Car / Golf Cart / Tuk-tuks / Emobility

Electric Scooter / Motorcycle / Motorbike / Moped

Solar / 12V & 24V All kinds of applications

Solar street light / Robot / E-scooter / E-bike

How does it work

Submit application at first
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We will get in touch with you within 24 hours
Product will be shipped within 3~5 days

Questions? We're here to help

Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
Booant is an expert in lithium battery manufacturing. We were established in 2014 and have been a global leader in the electric bike power solution industry. Through our team’s joint endeavor over the past several years, we have created and developed a full range of security solutions for customers.
Do you offer battery chargers?
Yes, we do. Each order comes with a battery charger. We will configure the AC power cord according to your country. (USA, EU, BS, or AU)
When will my order be shipped?
Normally 3~5 days after payment is received. Please kindly note that, once we receive your order, We will get in touch with you to confirm the custom battery detail.
How do I store my battery?
Batteries are best kept stored indoors at room temperature. If you are storing your battery for a long period of time it is recommended to store it above 50% charge. Be sure to check the battery every couple of months and recharge it to ensure the battery doesn’t completely discharge.

Battery Custom

Custom Your Own Battery