Warranty Policy – Booant
Warranty Policy

The Booant warranty policy, effective from October 2020, delineates the terms and conditions for customers who have acquired Booant products through official channels. Below are the key provisions:

  1. Warranty Period: Booant offers a 1-year limited warranty for products purchased directly from the Booant official online store and AliExpress online stores. This warranty does not extend to free gifts provided by Booant.

  2. Warranty Forfeiture: The Booant warranty becomes void in various scenarios:

    • Limited warranty applies only within the country of purchase.
    • Not applicable to items taken outside the country of origin.
    • Excludes damages due to misuse, abuse, negligence, casualty, or force majeure events.
    • Warranty void if products are purchased from unauthorized sellers or platforms.
    • Removal or tampering with trademarks.
    • Damage resulting from accidents, dismantling, abuse, or unauthorized modifications.
    • Warranty becomes void if products are disassembled without Booant's technicians' permission.
    • Damage due to improper working environment or operation, including temperature, humidity, physical or electrical stress, substandard power outlets, static electricity, or substandard power adapters.
    • The warranty is non-transferable and solely applicable to the original buyer.

    Additional warranty void conditions include:

    • Products lacking sufficient proof of purchase.
    • Lost or stolen products.
    • Products beyond their warranty period.
    • Non-quality-related issues reported after 30 days of purchase.
    • Free products.
    • Repairs conducted by third parties.
    • Damage incurred from external sources.

    Booant explicitly disclaims liability for data loss resulting from product use and is not responsible for any personal items sent for return.

  3. Other Warranty Terms and Limitation of Damages:

    • Booant disclaims responsibility for any additional warranties or commitments made by resellers, agents, distributors, or third parties.
    • Booant will not be held responsible for consequential, incidental, exemplary, or special damages, including those related to lost data or profiles. The cumulative liability of Booant will not exceed the actual amount paid for the product(s) by the customer.