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How to Customize Lithium Battery Pack?

1. Customization based on battery shape

The size and shape of the battery can be customized. In addition to the different dimensions of length, width and height, it can also be made into various shapes such as circle, trapezoid, and triangle.

2. Capacity-based customization

According to the power consumption of the product, calculate whether the capacity of the battery can meet the user's battery life requirements.

3. Customization based on magnification

There are some special products that have certain requirements on the rate, such as electronic cigarettes, drones, car emergency starters, electric supercars, high-current charging and discharging performance is the primary consideration for batteries, to meet the needs of fast charging or high explosive power .

4. Customization based on temperature

The best working temperature of lithium battery is about 25°C, and the general working temperature range is -20°C to 50°C, but if it is in a special high and low temperature environment, the capacity of the lithium battery will decline sharply, affecting the life, or even cannot be used normally , so a specially customized high-temperature lithium battery or low-temperature lithium battery is required. For example, Grepow has rich experience in the field of low-temperature batteries, and has many mature low-temperature lithium battery solutions, which can reach as low as -55°C to meet the electricity demand of special industries.

5. Voltage-based customization

The full-charge voltage of a general lithium battery is 4.2V. In order to improve energy density and longer battery life, more and more product designers will use high-voltage lithium batteries (LiHv), such as Apple's latest series of mobile phones, which use 4.35V High voltage lithium polymer battery to increase battery life. However, it depends on the electrical appliances and PCB scheme, whether high-voltage lithium batteries can be used, which requires the cooperation of product designers and battery engineers.
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